think like nature acts

Natural and Human Systems Manifest as Inter-Active Networks
Constellating Their Interdependent Relationships Radically
Reconfigures Understanding of 'How Things Happen'

Engaging Constellation with Indivduals and Partners
Radically expand your awareness by constellating the relationships that
constitute your own self, your interactions with others, and the world around you
What I Offer:
Reflections upon the ways you represent the complexities of your thoughts, experiences, and relationships
∆ Re-Orientations of your perspectives on ‘how things happen’ to include self-organizing interactive dynamics
∆ Diversifications of your approaches to analysis, interpretation, expression, and ‘taking action’
∆ Activations of your symbolic imagination to better understand the interdependent relationships of self and world
∆ Practices for mind and body that enhance awareness of nonlinear processes and their multiplicity of meanings
> Experience of conflict and contradiction as integral to order, creativity, identity, and development
‘Telling how you happen’ means constellating both your ordinary and extra-ordinary experience
Re-Orienting your sense of ‘telling how it happens’
How we tell what happens matters because it creates our sense of self and world.  The way we think about and represent our selves defines ‘what and how we are.’  However, most of us habitually conceive and describe ‘how things happen’ in reflexively reductive terms. By engaging your issues through Dynamic Constellation you can re-orient your self to your self, and the contexts you inhabit.
Consultation by collaborative constellation
> By constellating your concerns variously, we re-consider how you think about and express your experience
> This process reveals what you are ‘missing’ due to linear models and simplistic judgments
> The debilitating effects of reductive attitudes, expressions, and behaviors become more evident
> Together we seek ways for you to imagine and interact more consciously with the actual complexity in and around you
Constellating reveals the normally obscured diversity of your self
and the mysterious interdependencies of your relationships with others
For further detail on applying Dynamic Constellation see the more info page
Think More Realistically—Constellate Your Consciousness

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Together we explore how . . .
How it’s supposed to be
> Established <
How it is
< Emergent >

and this—
are like this—
and this—

> Persons

> Relationships

> Work

> One’s Self