Natural and Human Systems Manifest as Inter-Active Networks
Constellating Their Interdependent Relationships Radically
Reconfigures Understanding of 'How Things Happen'

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Below are links to PDF documents with additional details on
constellating perspective, how to develop it, and why it is important
∆ Getting Real about Reality:
What if we don’t really know ‘how things happen?’
Confronting Our Reductive Delusions with a Therapy of Dynamical Knowing (PDF)
∆ What there is to Constellate:
Conceiving the chaotically deterministic, self-organizing, nonlinear dynamics that pervade life
Nature’s Dynamic Complexity in the Interactivity of Mind and Matter (PDF)
∆ What Constellation is:
Conceiving constellating perspectives and methods
Modes of Tracking Dynamical Complexity (PDF)
∆ Practicing ‘Dynamic Constellation’:
Confronting simplistic biases with the actual complexity of self, others, and the world
Methods for Engaging Radically Interactive Relationships (PDF)
∆ Elements of ‘Dynamic Constellation’:
Associating terms and methods that promote constellating consciousness
Concepts and Sources for an Interdisciplinary Practice (PDF)
Think More Realistically—Constellate Your Consciousness

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