Think like nature acts

Natural and Human Systems Manifest as Inter-Active Networks
Constellating Their Interdependent Relationships Radically
Reconfigures Understanding of 'How Things Happen'

How to Constellate?
Perceiving interdependent interactivity through
the interdisciplinary practices of ‘Dynamic Constellation’

Constellating dynamically complex interactivity takes both Science and Symbolism
Because our ordinary attitudes are preoccupied with sequential order we require special modes for conceiving, perceiving, and representing the self-organizing interactivity of dynamically interactive reality. To do so effectively requires multiple perspectives and methods.  Thus constellation involves not only science and reason, but art, literature, and myth. Knowing the ‘double nature’ of dynamical complexity—both linear and nonlinear, with its disorderly ordering—is a ‘scientifically imaginal act.’
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Learning a basic method for discovering actual networks of causation and meaning
The purpose of constellating dynamical relationships in contexts, concepts, and issues is to reveal ordinarily ‘hidden’ interactivities, thus gaining extra-ordinary awareness. That means ‘getting beyond’ our simplistic models and interpretations.  The most basic aspect of this move involves ‘constellative plotting.’  This method ‘opens up’ the interdependent relationships that compose a topic, event, or context. By plotting those relationships we can ‘get inside’ the on-going interactivity that configures networks of meaning and causation.
Simple hierarchy

Interactive Constellation
Practicing Dynamic Constellation through an interdisciplinary array of perspectives
Plotting sets of interactive relationships requires multiple approaches to a topic. Thus Dynamic Constellation correlates a wide range of disciplines and cultural practices to generate more inclusive understanding. These contrasting perspectives and methods expose the presence of interdependent networks in ways that make their effects more tangible and meaningful.
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Cultivating constellating consciousness through four phases of effort
The practices of Dynamic Constellation move awareness beyond the reductive delusions of simplistic ordinary attitudes through four unusual efforts. This expansion of awareness and understanding is both theoretical and experiential, emerging through four basic phases:

1. Confronting our habitual reductions and simplistic assumptions
2. Engaging dynamically complex fact and theory
3. Stimulating dynamically complex experience and creativity through symbolism
4. Applying constellating methods to your actual issues and contexts

Engaging these efforts heightens your awareness of dynamical activity in your immediate contexts.  In this way, Dynamic Constellation increases understanding of the intricacy of ‘how things happen.’  That elaboration is not focused upon ‘solving problems.’ But it does prepare the way for a more intelligent approach to deciding just what is ‘a problem’ and how it might actually be ‘influenced.’

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Think More Realistically—Constellate Your Consciousness

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Thus constellating interactivity means thinking like—
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The notion of ‘love’ as
Constellating extra-ordinary awareness by associating