think like nature acts

Natural and Human Systems Manifest as Inter-Active Networks
Constellating Their Interdependent Relationships Radically
Reconfigures Understanding of 'How Things Happen'

What is there to Constellate?
Natural systems generate a non-linear dynamical complexity
that can only be ‘seen’ through constellating perspectives

Natural systems combine linear actions into chaotically self-organizing networks
The radically interdependent interactivity of Nature’s holistic dynamics, from minds to marriages, cities to societies, and ecologies to economies, creates  fantastically complex fields of mutually modifying processes. The resulting interdependency of causes and effects is difficult to appreciate in any ordinary manner.

Sequentially separate actions:
Orderly Ordering—‘One thing at a time’
Concurrently Interdependent inter-actions:
Disorderly Ordering—‘Everything at once’

Complexity Science reveals an ‘other world’ of interdependent causal relationships
It is now a scientific fact: the ‘wholes’ of self and world ‘emerge’ unpredictably from accumulations of simultaneous actions that concurrently interact with, and thereby modify, each other.  The traits of this interactivity involve unpredictably non-linear dynamics.  Thus our ordinary sense of sequential causation cannot adequately describe ‘what actually happens.’ There are, in effect, ‘two realities.’
Predictable Activity of
Mechanical Processes


Unpredictable Interactivity of
Natural Complexity
But, it turns out that what looks like this--

actually functions like this--
Reality is more than orderly ‘rules’
The sciences of chaos, complexity, environmental ecology, and systems theory now provide methods for describing these ‘ordinarily hidden’ aspects of ‘how things happen.’  ‘Laws of physics’ exist, but these do not describe how order becomes chaotic or, more mysteriously, how ordering actually emerges from disorder. Complex dynamical systems create a ‘fantastic’ realm of causal behavior that confounds our ordinary expectations.
We tend to think in terms of ‘the rules’ for ‘how things are supposed to happen’—but that can blind us to the reality of interactive contexts. Minds. marriages, economic markets, and ecologies are not simply mechanical sequences. These are networks of behavior that continually, and unpredictably, ‘emerge’ from interdependent relationships forming self-regulating “feedback loops.”  Some aspects of these ‘wholes’ can be ‘reduced’ to sequential descriptions as ‘the sums of their parts’—but their overall qualities cannot be described in this way.
We are—and live within—an interplay of
Dynamical complexity and the need for constellating perspectives
The wholeness of bodies, minds, societies, languages, and ecological systems emerge from self-organizing, autonomously adaptive processes that are both linear and nonlinear, orderly and disorderly. Thus mechanical modeling cannot accurately represent their dynamic totality—it cannot tell ‘how things actually happen.’  This ‘double order’ of Nature’s dynamical complexity requires a radically different perspective—an ‘extra-ordinary’ mode of consciousness—to be perceived. That perspective requires constellating consciousness.

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Think More Realistically—Constellate Your Consciousness

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The regular Rules
do not equal

The emergent Reality
> Linear progressions
> Predictable Processes
> Context Continuity
> Intentional order
> Proportional Change
> Predictable Properties
> Constant Relationships
> Ordinary Order
> Nonlinear interactions
> Unpredictable Conjunctions
> Context Instability
> Spontaneous Self-Organization
> Disproportionate Creativity
> Unexpected, Emergent Properties
> Evolving Adaptive Relationships
> Extra-Ordinary Order
Things that ‘add up’:
The Reducible 1 + 1 = 2
Things that do not:
The Irreducible