Get Real. Learn to think like nature acts by constellating your consciousness

Natural and Human Systems Manifest as Inter-Active Networks
Constellating Their Interdependent Relationships Radically
Reconfigures Understanding of 'How Things Happen'

From personal relations to politics, economy, ecology, and culture - combine
Science and Symbolism to reveal unexpected origins, connections, meanings, and options
Learn to think through both of Nature’s two ‘modes of movement’
Sequential Activity
Concurrent Inter-activity
Make the leap from mechanically reductive thinking to interdependent association
Sequencing Consciousness 

Constellating Consciousness
Evade the constrictions of single mindedness by pluralizing your paradigms
Exclusive Perspective

Inclusive Perspective
Engage the radical complexity of life by correlating science and symbolism
Complexity Science now shows how reality’s interactivity is ‘mytho-logical’—
and thus why understanding it requires ‘acts of imagination’
The practices of Dynamic Constellation combine elements of Complexity Science,
Philosophy, Art, Psychology, and Myth to provide you with extra-ordinary awareness.
Re-Think Your Thinking by Exploring—
You need more than one way to think about ‘how things happen’
because things happen in more than one way
Think More Realistically—Constellate Your Consciousness

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Concurrent Causation

Contradictory Coherence

Think like the waves
you have to ride

Perceive with both
sides of your brain